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>> and michael says this was his calling. he plans to apply for a job with the philadelphia fire department after he turns 18. >> good for him. congratulations. you're watching nbc 10 news. "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 starts right now. we expect to hear some new information today in the deadly amtrak train derailment. what we could learn about the moments leading up to the crash. plus ready for the marching orders. the event today that marks a major milestone in preparing for the pope. and warm today already this morning, we're at 69 degrees. a nice start out there as we look at the city. we could have our first heat wave of the season in the next few days. and that's not the only weather threat to watch out for. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." >> let's find out about the heat wave and the storms and welcome back to bill henley in the first alert weather center. >> thank you, tracy. and happy birthday to you. oh, yeah. sorry to get that out there. my mistake.
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hey, what a beautiful day to celebrate whatever you're going to celebrate today. today will be nice and comfortable, the heat will start tomorrow. look at the low clouds. that's the view from jim thorpe in the pocono mountains. that elevation above the cloud level. most of the area is cloud-free and getting cool. 60 degrees in pottstown. 58 in millville, rocksboro down to 65 degrees. just a little cooler in northeast philadelphia. look at this beautiful view just a few thin clouds. sunshine will quickly warm us up, 75 degrees at 10:00. 83 degrees and climbing at 1:00 this afternoon. but the heat on the way. we'll take a look at what's in store for us starting tomorrow when i come back with the future weather in ten minutes. but right now, let's check in with jessica boyington and find out what's going on. what's happening out there, jessica? >> we're in a work zone on 295 where we're not dealing with a whole lot of volume by the area but two lanes getting by. they're starting to clear that work zone out of the way.
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blocking off part of that right hand shoulder as well. you can see drive times 13 minutes from 38 up towards this point at the black horse pike. still really no problems just something to watch out for. we are watching a vehicle fire out in dublin as well in west pennsylvania avenue. use some caution out traveling through. a disabled vehicle on the ramp from the blue route southbound to the schuylkill expressway. now, as we look at the rest of our drive times through the philadelphia area, no problems into center city area. on 95 at the schuylkill and the blue route, no problems headed southbound there. today, we could learn if the amtrak engineer was using his cell phone at the time of the deadly derailment in port richmond. u.s. investigators will reveal the findings after the ntsb releases the latest report. he suffered a concussion in the crash and told investigators he can't remember anything about the accident. over the last several weeks, investigators have been sorting through his phone records.
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meantime last night, the u.s. house passed a bill to cut amtrak's budget by $242 million. the white house has threatened to veto that bill. lawmakers did add $9 million in funding to install video cameras inside train cabs to record engineers that would help investigators to get to the bottom of the crashes like the derailment in philadelphia. 5:03 now, 69 degrees. preparing for the pope. today, the archbishop will speak in st. louis. he's giving an update on the world meeting of families and the pope's visit in september. i talked to a catholic blogger recently about why all the bishops right now want to hear from him. >> remember even though the world meeting of families is being hosted be i the archdiocese of philadelphia it's an event given to the entire church in the united states. the fund raising's been national. most of the people coming here for it 15,000 20,000 during the
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week are going to be coming from outside the diocese. >> and he says today's conference in st. louis is important because it's the last time the bishops will meet as a group before the pope addresses them in september and gives them marching orders for the direction of the american church. and speaking of the marching orders. some are learning how to carry out one of the pope's main missions. katy zachary spoke to a group of seminary students. what's this all about? >> reporter: well 30 seminary students from the trenton archdiocese are here this week visiting the seminary in wynnewood. this happens to be where pope francis is expected to stay while he's here for the world meeting of families in september. all this week, the seminary students are focusing on one of the main directive, church management. he wants priests and those studying to become priests more prepared to deal with the financial and business aspects of running a parish. >> another year i'll be --
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those responsibilities are becoming very real. and the fact that you know people are depending on -- will be depending on me. >> it's going to be different. it's not the church of you know, the past generation. we're going to have a lot of different challenges ahead of us. and a program like this is going to be good for us. now, we sat down with the bishop of trenton. he put this conference together this week-long conference after he was hearing from priests and his arch diocesee archdiocese. and we'll have more with our conversation coming up in the next hour. reporting live in wynnewood, nbc 10 news. happening today, the two brothers accused of murdering a philadelphia police officer are scheduled to appear in court. ramon williams and carlton hipps will be arraigned later this morning. accused of shooting and killing robert wilson iii during a robbery at a video game store in march. also happening today the man accused of shooting his father
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while his dad was driving down the schuylkill expressway will be arraigned. police say that in april corbin was in the backseat of the car when he shot his dad in the head during an argument. police say he was upset because his parents were taking him to rehab. his father survived and is recovering. well two suspects are behind bars this morning after this wild police chase. they allegedly led police on this chase through bucks county and philadelphia. sky force 10 over market in the city's frankford neighborhood around 9:00 last night. police say those suspects crashed their car into another vehicle which is what finally ended the chase. and here's another look from the ground here. authorities say the chase began in ben salem after the suspect hit several police cars. thankfully, no one was hurt. there is a viewing today for the philadelphia teen who was hit and killed by suspected drunk driver on sunday night. police say the driver ran a stop sign in hunting park before hitting and killing 17-year-old. the driver has not been charged.
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police are waiting iffer the results of a blood alcohol test. and this morning, police are hoping witnesses can come forward to help them find a hit-and-run driver. witnesses found michael toner lying in the street early tuesday morning near 11th and market in center city. police say the veteran philadelphia stage actor may have been crossing at the light when he was hit and dragged. doctors had to amputate one of his legs. right now, police are looking for a man who they say attacked a woman after she walked past him down a busy street over the weekend. investigators say the attack happened on north 3rd street near fairmount avenue. police say the 28-year-old woman had walked past a man sitting on a bench around 1:30 saturday morning. when he attacked her from behind. she fought him off and screamed. and he took off. >> it's scary, you know and i worry for everybody. i worry for anybody that doesn't live in the city that comes in and our residents. it's a great, amazing neighborhood. but just to reiterate, you cannot -- you have to take
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precautions. >> and police are still hoping to find surveillance video of the woman's attacker. a montgomery county mom who admitted she had a sexual relationship with her daughter's classmate will not have to serve any jail time. yesterday a judge sentenced to five year's probation in exchange for her guilty plea. police say they caught her having sex with a 17-year-old boy in a public park last fall. police say she met the boy while volunteering as a cheer mom for her daughter's cheerleading squad. she told the judge, she made a horrible decision and she's been in therapy since her arrest. >> she's extremely remorseful for her conduct. it's been a devastating effect on her family her children and now she has the opportunity to put this behind her and move forward. >> she'll not have to register as a sex offender but she has to remain in counseling and have no contact with that teenager. eight minutes after 5:00 now. an active shooter drill is happening today on temple
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university's main campus in north philadelphia. the school will be testing their plan, their policies and response actions for a shooting scenario. this will happen around 10:00 this morning. officials say drills like the one today will help them identify streets and areas for improvement. nine minutes after 5:00. it is now a little bit cooler just dropped to 67 degrees, the sun's not up yet, we're about 20 minutes away from bright sunshine today. and it'll be sunny skies through the day. so you'll need your sunglasses today. but tomorrow you'll need to find a cool spot. potential heat wave starting tomorrow with temperatures in the 90s and the humidity will come along with that, and that could fuel some strong showers and thunderstorms for parts of the area for tomorrow. right now, 60 in redding. pleasant, 68 degrees at philadelphia international and cape may. look at that 63 degrees to start with. a nice clear view just a few thin clouds in the distance. this is a view from here looking towards center city this morning, which will see bright
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sunshine. and a quick warm-up, too. the humidity stays low, but the temperatures will be in the upper 80s. and this radar screen dry today, but the storms could start tomorrow. and they could be with us into the weekend, as well. at least the threat of storms. today, look at the warm-up, 74 trees, that's by 8:00 this morning. bright sunshine in the low 80s at noontime for redding, pottstown, wilmington, all of 80 degrees, and then into the middle to upper 80s this afternoon. but cooling down this evening quickly at 8:00 this evening, we'll be at 77 degrees. humidity on the low side but that changes for tomorrow. enjoy this while it's around. lots of sunshine warm but low humidity, high temperatures into the 80s this afternoon. but tomorrow the heat is on. got the 7-day forecast when i come back in ten. >> standby for the 90s. thanks, bill. 10 minutes after 5:00. and let's see what awaits you as you head the road this morning. there's an overturned tractor-trailer in new jersey. where is that jessica boyington? >> 295 right in burlington
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township. it's in the northbound lanes blocking all lanes around burlington and mt. holly road. you can hop on to the new jersey turnpike. no problems there to get by the scene. and more updates for you to come as soon as we get them. dublin a vehicle fire on bethlehem pike in west pennsylvania avenue. a disabled vehicle, as well. out in lower marion on the blue route southbound to the schuylkill. that off ramp is being blocked by the disabled vehicle. back to you guys. a new push to find a mother missing for a year. we will show you the sign that investigators are stepping up the search. and plus a case of road rage caught on camera. wait until you see what happens when the drivers get out of their cars. and summer's on the way, kids are ready to jump in the pool. not all of them are ready for it. coming up after the break, the length some parents are willing to go because of their fear of the water.
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it is 5:14. new video this morning of a violent case of road rage in hollywood. look at this, the cell phone video shows a man leaning inging out a car window. the two drivers get out and start swinging. one man is knocked to the ground, and the aggressor continues to beat him before getting back into his car and speeding off. police are still looking for that guy. still no sign of the two convicted killers who broke out of a northern new york prison saturday. authorities are empty handed after responding to reported sightings in the area.
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meantime, we are learning more about the prison employee being interviewed for her suspected role in helping the prisoners escape. joyce mitchell checked herself into a hospital for nerves on the same day investigators say they used power tools to cut themselves out. they were housed in the honor sections where they may have had more freedoms. authorities are offering a $100,000 reward for the capture of the two. police and the fbi are trying to get the word out about their search for a delaware woman who vanished almost a year ago. the fbi is putting up pictures on billboards up and down the northeastern stretch of i-95. they're hoping this will jog the memory of someone who may know something about her disappearance. the mother of two was actbducted from her home and shoved into her own car. now, neighbors tell nbc 10 a neighbor does that he saw a man carrying her to the car that morning, but he didn't think
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anything of it. he didn't call police because he thought she might have been drunk or sick. >> it's just hard to have that linger over your head. it's been a year. >> a year now. a $30,000 reward is being offered for information in the case. 5:16. summer is almost here. we're looking at a potential heat wave coming up. so the pool will be a popular spot. but is your child ready for the water? matt is outside a neighborhood in philadelphia where they'll be offering free swim lessons. and matt you found out about how parents need to play a key role in saving their kids' lives. tell us more. >> right. and tracy, it does start with swim lessons. and here at the ymca they're giving away 300 lessons later this morning to a local elementary school. it's the first time they've done something like this but they believe it's very necessary considering that drowning is the number one cause of death for kids 1 to 4 and a second leading cause of death of children under
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14. here's the thing, though with life guards or people watching it comes down to the parents. the folks here say many times they find that kids don't learn how to swim because their parents don't know how. or even worse, the parents are flat out terrified. >> i have heard of families who are so fearful of the water they had a neighbor bring their kids. so if we can get the parents in the door to see what it is their kids are learning our hope would be they would then maybe want to bring their kids and learn how to swim with them and enjoy it as well. >> and the folks here are hoping that the swim lessons will help get that process started for these 300 kids. and coming up at 6:15, i've been looking at research showing some kids are more likely to drown than others. who is most at risk? and why? i'll have that. for now, live in graduate hospital nbc 10 news. we continue to get new information about that problem on 295 in south jersey. >> let's find out more now about the overturned tractor-trailer. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter has that. jessica?
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>> yeah, guys all lanes are blocked on 295 in burlington township due to an overturned tractor-trailer. and now there's a major debris spill in the area as well. so that's 295 on the northbound side. right around burlington and mt. holly road. you can hop on the new jersey turnpike or take local roads around the area to get by that scene for now. elsewhere on 295, we are dealing with an active work zone. these are the southbound lanes, though, and quite some distance away from 38 up toward the black horse pike. no real problems but two lanes getting by. they're blocking off the shoulder and the next lane over, as well. for the rest of the ride times in and out of the philadelphia area currently no problems or delays on 95 the schuylkill or on the blue route. that's about a 15-minute trip there. and still watching a disabled vehicle out in lower marion on the ramp to the schuylkill. coming up on 19 minutes
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after 5:00. the temperatures have been cooling. we're in the 60s right now. and we're about to see some bright sunshine. sun is just a few minutes away and that sunshine will be with us right on through the day. 68 degrees in philadelphia. with that running about 3 degrees cooler than yesterday. it'll be a warm afternoon. we'll see levels at least as warm as it was yesterday. but the humidity stays low. as the sun is coming up we're on our way to a nice day today. big changes ahead for tomorrow. and those could include some showers and thunderstorms. satellite is in the clear right now. look off to the northwest. this is a cold front that's on the way for later tomorrow. that'll be our best chance of seeing showers and thunderstorms thunderstorms. and heat and humidity will proceed those storms into the 90s tomorrow. those showers and thunderstorms making progress kind of falling apart in northwestern pennsylvania this evening. but that same line is still with us tomorrow morning. we can see an isolated shower to start with. more likely, we'll see some spots of showers, possibly some thunderstorms developing tomorrow afternoon.
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and that may cool things down a little bit. but, before the showers move in it'll be 90s for tomorrow. so, look at this. this is really nice and comfortable for today, even though it's above normal. 85 to 87 we will still feel comfortable with low humidity today. that changes tomorrow the heat and humidity are on 93 after a morning low of 68 degrees. hot, humid conditions and some isolated showers and thunderstorms on thursday. the possibility of storms will be here friday and again on saturday. and saturday the storms move in early enough. we may not hit 90 degrees. but, there's a good chance we will be right in that territory saturday afternoon. but not sunday, actually. sunday's looking like a winner. nice comfortable, low humidity, 85 degrees and a chance of showers and thunderstorms returns just scattered showers and thunderstorms possible monday and tuesday. >> 5:20 now. a tall honor for the world renowned architect of what will soon be the tallest building in philadelphia. norman foster received the memorial award at the university of pennsylvania's university of
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archaeology. let has designed a new comcast innovation and technology center. and it was a major focus of his remarks last night. >> it's not an office building. also has a hotel in it and then it has lots of interesting things at the sidewalk. cafes, restaurants. so it's about celebrating the life of the city. >> comcast chairman and ceo brian roberts in the audience along with local architects and students. here's a look at where construction stands on the comcast technology center to date. it's expected to rise above center city by 2018. and once it's complete, the building will house 4,000 workers, including those of us here at nbc 10 and telemundo 62. well first it was sugar, now salt. the experts at cnbc will walk us through the warning that could be coming to a menu near you. plus saving lives and avoiding injuries.
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ahead in our next half hour the technology that could become a safety standard on your next car.
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the time is 5:24. first, they went after sugar, now they're going after salt. here to explain the changes that could be coming to menus in new york city in this morning's cnbc business news. landon, good morning. >> hey, tracy, good morning to you. yes, that's right. new york could be the first u.s. city to require a warning label on high sodium menu items at chain restaurants.
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the city's health department will propose a rule today. and san francisco has given tentative approval to imposing a health warning on ads for soda and other sugary drinks. failed to pass a tax last year. and over on wall street stocks look to add green arrows today. futures point to a higher open. the market's ending mixed on tuesday and uneventful trading. oil prices above $61 a barrel. u.s. stockpiles may be falling. look for news on the u.s. budget deficit this afternoon, slipping three points to 17,764. back over to you. >> landon, thanks. 67 degrees at 5:25. five minutes away from sunrise this morning. and we'll see a lot of this from this vantage point. that's a live view from the mellon bank building. comfortable outside. the humidity is staying low today, but that's getting ready to change in a big way.
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getting ready to head out the door jessica boyington and the first alert traffic center. and if you're heading out the door on 309 right along bethlehem pike not hitting any delays. you can see northbound southbound, no problems we are having problems, though and delays out on 295 in new jersey. i'm going to give you the details coming up. and closer to getting answers. i'm following developments into the investigation into the deadly train derailment last month. we could get information today about the final moments before the train went off the tracks. we'll have that for you coming up. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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get ready for a new twist in the search for answers following that deadly train derailment in philadelphia. we'll tell you about the information we expect to learn today about the moments leading up to the crash. and tracking the heat. a warm start as we take a live look outside this morning. but the real heat and a chance for storms are both on the way. 67 degrees, good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. bill henley is back from a vacation and back with warm weather, too, bill. >> and like yesterday, it's going to be nice and warm. but the humidity won't be bad today. it's tomorrow the heat will be increasing. a live view about to become a sunny view of center city.
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the sun is just coming up right now. 67 degrees at 5:29. 68 at philadelphia international. but there's some cooler spots, including millville at 58. 60 in wrightstown. middle 60s for rocksboro and northeast philadelphia. we will see the bright sunshine. there it is coming up across the horizon this morning. 75 degrees at 10:00. by lunchtime, we'll be in the 80s. by 1:00 this afternoon, 83 degrees and climbing. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. show you how warm it's going to get where you live. find out what that traffic is doing this morning. jessica? >> we're watching new jersey this morning way out in burlington township where we have an overturned tractor-trailer. and now fuel spill in the area earlier blocking off all lanes. we have the right-hand lane and center lane blocked. on the northbound side around burlington and mt. holly road. that could open and close for a few times as it


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